Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

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September 1 2017

Offshore has been a great mix of fish here in Quepos! We had a great run of Marlin the last week of August, some of the days we saw up to 3 or 4 bites. And then we had a nice run of big bull dorado, a few schools of YellowFin Tuna and then a few schools of sailfish. Some of the best variety of fish I can remember, and they are all big. Big fish are fun, Big fish are what we do here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Early August 2017

Been a complete mix offshore. John W and Junior spent the first week of August on a floating pallet out there, and they loaded up the Marlin hooking several per trip. After the pallet, there were a few schools of YellowFin Tuna out there, and now in the second week of August, it's sailfish and dorado. Complete mix out there, no telling what we will get, but there have been lots of fish. Perfect weather too during the day, lots of sun, no daytime rain, great fishing offshore here this August in Quepos Costa Rica!

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Quepos Inshore Fishing Report:

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September 1 2017

Been some good variety inshore lately. We have been seeing some really big roosterfish out there, and then we had a few days with schools of sardines circling around in front of Quepos. Anytime there are sardines in the area, all the snook and snapper come out of their holes and follow the bait. It is really rare to have snook in late August, but we got some good ones. I would expect mostly roosterfish and some cuberas moving forward until November, but it's always a surprise out there!

Early August 2017

Still seeing some nice roosterfish around, we have had night bait all of August except for one day. The night bait has been big lookdowns and that has gotten us some nice roosterfish. Every once in a while we are seeing the schools of sardines out there and there have been some nice snapper when that happens. Looks like the snook moved back up in the river mouth, and then we have had a few swarms of barracuda, which is not very common here. Also had a day with a bunch of shark, that is rare too, but lots of fun to reel in on spinning gear! Great inshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica so far this August!

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