Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

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December 2019

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Quepos Fishing has been on fire lately. Lots of variety out there, big Black and Blue marlin, Sailfish, schools of Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado / Mahi Mahi. Every day we are seeing 2-3 different types of fish and usually a few of each type! Since they outlawed the Tuna Seiners a few years back, it seems like every month is a little better than the month before, Quepos Fishing in 2019 was the best year we have ever had here (started 2007), and if things stay on course, 2020 should be AMAZING!

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August 2019

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I don't remember fishing ever being this busy and diverse here. There has been a school of Yellowfin Tuna just making laps out in front of Quepos for the last few years it seems, they probably bite 5 days a week, but they are there everyday. And they have been growing up! I remember a year back a 100 pounder were the very biggest, now we are seeing 100 pounders several times a week and the big ones are way over 200. And then with the Yellowfin Tuna making laps out there, the Sailfish, Marlin and Dorado circle the Tuna. Everyday out there has had fish, and usually quite a few! Great off fishing, some of the best offshore fishing I can remember, right now in Quepos Costa Rica!

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June 2018

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There has been a big school of Yellowfin Tuna just making circles out in front of Quepos most of last month and pretty much all of June so far (I'm writing this on the 17th of June). Around the school there have been some nice billfish, and then we are sometimes catching dorado (and a wahoo, but just a few), but the big story is the Yellowfin. I would say we have seen them from the 40 to 150 pound range, maybe a hair bigger, and somedays it's as many as you want to catch. The schools of Yellowfin Tuna are also really neat things to see, as there will be hundreds if not thousands of spinner dolphin jumping up out of the water and spinning. And then when you look down you can see the huge school of Yellowfin run under the boat, it straight out of NatGeo! Great fishing offshore, I expect to see more and more dorado as we get later in the summer and then the peak dorado season usually hits somewhere between September and November. Great fishing offshore here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing Yellowfin tuna world record Huge Costa Rica Dorado caught in Quepos Costa Rica Huge Wahoo caught off the coast fishing in Quepos Costa Rica

April 2019

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Seeing mostly Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna out there lately. The schools of Yellowfin are pretty much always around, but they end up being hungry about half the trips. Even when they don't eat, it's still an amazing site though! Usually about an acre of dolphin jumping up out of the water and spinning around. Thousands and thousands of dolphin out in the dark blue water. And then when they come across bait, like flying fish or little offshore sardines, the schools will explode and you will get what we call the Tuna Boil, because the water has so many fish jumping up out of it that it looks like it's boiling. We are also seeing a dorado on 5 trips a week, sometimes a few, and getting maybe a Marlin each week out there, although they have been shy for the last month. That is about to change though, last May we saw ALOT of Marlin around. Great fishing out here in Quepos Costa Rica!

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Late February 2019

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Wow, the fishing has been different everyday out there. We have had lots of sailfish through the area, which is pretty normal for February, but we are also seeing some days with big yellowfin tuna, some Marlin and a lot of big dorado. Weather is perfect and the seas have been really flat. Make sure you follow our instagram and facebook pages for every day fishing pictures from beautiful Quepos Costa Rica!

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January 2019

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January was amazing! Big Dorado, Big Yellowfin Tuna, a great run of Marlin, both blue and black the first two weeks, and then sails every trip. The ocean has been totally flat, and there hasn't been any rain. And did I mention it's always 80 degrees? Could get any better fishing than here in Quepos Costa Rica

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