Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

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November 1 2018

QUepos Mahi Mahi Quepos Fishing Charter

Wow, the last two weeks of October was the best Mahi Mahi / Dorado run we have ever had here. We were seeing 30-40 nice sized Mahi per trip. In the Mahi, we were seeing a few sailfish, and there were a few schools of YellowFin Tuna out there as well, but look at the size of these Mahi! Amazing offshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Dorado Fishing Pacific Dorado in Quepos Costa Rica

September 2018

Huge Dorado mahi mahi Quepos Fishing Quepos Charter YellowFin Tuna Fishing

Probably the best September we have ever had. A few years back, Costa Rica outlawed all the big international Tuna ships from their waters. I had always believed that the Tuna boats killed mostly Tuna, but in the last four years, it seems like almost every month is better than the month before it. We had several days this (the last week of September) with 5 billfish releases AND multiple eating fish. Usually Dorado, and big ones, but we have also seen some of the biggest YellowFin Tuna I have ever seen in Costa Rica. Panama used to be the place to go to catch bit YellowFin, but now I believe there are more here, and the ones here are bigger. Crazy good month, lots of double digit days out there, I expect October and November to be even better! Great weather, fishing, and ocean here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Sailfish Marlin Fishing Charter Quepos Marina Pez Vela Manuel Antonio Mahi Dorado

August 2018

Big Quepos Costa Rica Dorado Mahi Fishing

Been some really really big dorado out there. I bet if we weighed some, we'd be right up there with the record. I don't remember ever seeing this many sailfish as well. Junior had a day right in the middle of August with 22 sailfish RELEASED! That means even more hooked up. And then both Stress Reeliever boats have been on the Tuna lately, we are wearing out those Furuno Radars tracking all those birds, and the first week of August was loaded with Marlin. John W had a day with 4 Marlin releases before noon, and not at the FADS, just right out in front of Quepos. Great offshore fishing, maybe the best month of the year, but July was soo good too it's hard to say!

Marina Pez Vela Dorado Fishing Quepos Costa Rica

July 2018

Quepos Fishing Black Marlin July 2018 report Quepos Fishing July 2018 report Bull Mahi Dorado Quepos Fishing Black Marlin July 2018 report

Wow, we just had the best week of the year for Marlin! John W had a day this week with a Blue Marlin, and Black Marlin and some sailfish! There have also been some nice YellowFin Tuna out there, quite a few dorado, and some sailfish around, but I don't remember a time when there was at least one Marlin hookup on almost every trip out there! Great Marlin fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing July 2018 report Yellowfin Tuna Quepos Fishing July 2018 report Sailfish Pacific

June 2018

Quepos Fishing Report June 2018 Sailfish Quepos Fishing Report June 2018 Dorado Mahi Mahi Bull

Just had the best June ever for sailfish! Various day over 10 sailfish and John W even had a day with 15 sailfish releases! There were also some YellowFin Tuna, Dorado and a few Marlin around, but the big story this June were the sailfish! Great offshore fishing this June in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing Report June 2018  YellowFin Tuna Sushi

End May 2018

Quepos Fishing Charter Mahi Dorado Quepos Fishing Charter Yellowfin Tuna

Been some good days offshore lately! We have been seeing lots of Mahi, some small some really big, and then we have had a Marlin behind the boat almost every trip out there. Mid May we saw lots of YellowFin Tuna, and there have been a few sails around as well. Great fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing Charter Marlin Quepos Fishing Charter YellowFin Tuna


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