Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

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Late September 2017

Quepos Costa Rica Fishing Dorado Quepos Costa Rica Pacific Dorado

A few sailfish around, but the big story has been the nice sized Bull Dorado we are seeing out there. It's been at least one nice bull every offshore trip. And then I'd say twice a week this month we have used John W's big radar to find our schools of YellowFin Tuna. So a ton of Dorado, a few sails and a few YellowFin out there. And the once a week blue Marlin. Great fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Costa Rica YellowFin Tuna Fishing Charter Quepos Costa Rica Charter MahiMahi

September 1 2017

Quepos Offshore Fishing Charter Big Dorado Quepos Fishing Offshore YellowFin Tuna Los Suenos

Offshore has been a great mix of fish here in Quepos! We had a great run of Marlin the last week of August, some of the days we saw up to 3 or 4 bites. And then we had a nice run of big bull dorado, a few schools of YellowFin Tuna and then a few schools of sailfish. Some of the best variety of fish I can remember, and they are all big. Big fish are fun, Big fish are what we do here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Offshore Fishing Charter Sailfish Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Quepos Offshore Fishing Charter Big Dorado Manuel Antonio

Early August 2017

Quepos Offshore Fishing Dorado Charter Quepos Manuel Antonio Offshore YellowFin Tuna Charter Boat

Been a complete mix offshore. John W and Junior spent the first week of August on a floating pallet out there, and they loaded up the Marlin hooking several per trip. After the pallet, there were a few schools of YellowFin Tuna out there, and now in the second week of August, it's sailfish and dorado. Complete mix out there, no telling what we will get, but there have been lots of fish. Perfect weather too during the day, lots of sun, no daytime rain, great fishing offshore here this August in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos YellowFin Tuna Fishing Charter Quepos Fishing Dorado August 2017

Late July 2017

Costa Rica Offshore Charter Dorado Quepos Sailfish Quepos Costa Rica Charter Fishing

I have way to many pictures and I wish I could post them all. Make sure to check out our Facebook Page for daily pictures as I can't fit them all on here. WOW, we have never seen this many Marlin around. John W had a record day with 8 Marlin hooked up and 4 released, all over 300 pounds. And not just one day, Junior and John W have been hitting the Marlin out there every trip almost. And then there have been nice schools of Yellowfin Tuna out there, some sailfish and some HUGE dorado too! There were some Huge tuna around, but I really liked the boy's smile so his picture makes the website :) Although we enjoy fishing with most people, all of our captains have little kids at this point and we especially enjoy when the angler is smaller than the fish! Record offshore this July, hoping for more Marlin in August out here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Black Marlin Quepos Costa Rica Fishing Charter Boat YellowFin Tuna Sushi Charter Fishing in Quepos Costa Rica Quepos Fishing Marlin Underwater Picture 2017

Early July 2017

July 2017 Quepos Fishing Dorado July 2017 Quepos Fishing Amberjack

Been a great mix still offshore. Lots of schools of Yellowfin Tuna found with the radar, and lots of Marlin. And then with the night rains, we are seeing some nice floating debris, and around that we are hitting the big Dorado and Marlin too. The Marlin have also been following the schools of YellowFin Tuna, and then we have had more Marlin in open water too. Lots of Marlin out there. Sailfish have not been thick, it seems like they show up a couple of times a week, but the Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin have been the most common so far out there. Great offshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

July 2017 Quepos Fishing YellowFin Tuna July 2017 Quepos Fishing Blue Marlin

Late June 2017

Quepos Fishing June 2017 Dorado Quepos Fishing June 2017 YellowFin Tuna

Just got our new 25KW Furuno Radar up and running on our 30 foot Stress Reeliever 2, and it has been picking out nice big schools of YellowFin Tuna at 4 miles on either side of the boat. That has been fairly consistent, almost everytrip. The radar also gives the captain a map of the birds in an 8 mile radius, and with that we have found tons of floating debris that has been holding Dorado, Wahoo and Marlin. Some days the sails come in thick, some days we are catching the other stuff, but there have been a good amount of fish around. It's been hard to predict, and with a lot of variety, some Great Offshore Fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing June 2017 Wahoo Quepos Fishing June 2017 Marlin


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