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Quepos Inshore Fishing Report

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Here are our roosterfishing boats! Not only are these the largest (both 28 footers) and best equipped inshore boats in Quepos (new Penn reels, 2016 Furuno sonars, lots of shade, private bathroom, huge live bait setups) with the busiest captains in Costa Rica fishing over 300 days this year, they are also the lowest priced at $550 for the full day inshore and $350 for the half day, with all food and drinks included (including Imperial Beer) !

Mucho Fisho 1

RoosterFish Quepos Charter Boat

Mucho Fisho 2

RoosterFish Quepos Charter Boat

$550 Full Day Inshore Fishing
$350 Half Day Inshore Fishing
1 to 5 people with food and drinks
Price per group, NOT per person
Trip price includes food and drinks (Imperial Beer, cokes and water)
All boats have:
Private Flushing Bathrooms
English Speaking Captains
Lots of Shade

Quepos Charter Boat


Quepos Fishing Seasons and Bait Situations

Captain Johnny’s dad is the only person in Quepos that sells live bait, and we always fill our live wells up before ANY other company has the chance to buy live bait. Johnny’s dad fishes every night, and catches live bait on 90 percent of the nights from May to December, and 60 percent of the nights from January to April. The live bait that is sold by Johnny’s dad consists of look downs and blue runners.


December to April

From December to April, we have a shot at roosterfish, snook, snapper and seabass. Snook come and go throughout these months, and the roosterfish and snapper are usually always there. The most productive bait to use for inshore fishing during this time of the year are sardines. Sardines can only be caught during the day, and don’t live overnight in live wells. If Johnny’s dad catches bait the night before, we will have that on board as well, but the night bait is not as effective as the sardines, so we will always spend a little time looking for sardines. Usually finding sardines in not a difficult thing, Johnny fishes over 300 days a year inshore and has been for the last 15 years, so bait is his “forte”. But it is necesarry to catch sardines or at least look for them to insure we catch the most and best fish. Things that we don’t do that I see other people doing is using baits that are easily caught but don’t work, like mullet, or pulling rapalas. We can pull rapalas if people just want to catch “anything”, but we would rather find the right bait and have less fishing time (catching more nice Roosterfish, snook, seabass and snapper) than fake it with bait that doesn’t work, or pulling lures for jack crevalles. If we don’t start the day off with good bait, NOBODY in Quepos will have bait, so we always have the advantage.


May to December

During these months, we usually catch our bigger roosterfish and snapper, but will not see snook or seabass. Johnny’s dad usually starts us off with a nice full live bait tank on 90 percent of our trips. We also have some various artificial reefs that we and others have put out there to catch us some blue runners if need be if the night bait doesn’t cooperate. Another option we have during this time of the year is to fish on the bottom using frozen squid or frozen sardines. On the bottom we see mostly grouper and snapper.

RoosterFish Quepos Charter Boat

We built this 28 foot panga just to go after roosterfish, it’s got all the bait setups and sonar needed to really get the big ones, and we have a whole assortment of Penn spinning reels to make sure the fish that we hook up with make it to the boat! Captain Johnny spends 5-6 days a week chasing roosterfish, so he is always on top of where they were the day before, and what daytime bait opportunities there are as well to increase our numbers.

RoosterFish Quepos Charter Boat

ALL of our boats have decent sized, private flushing bathroom for the ladies!

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Quepos Inshore Fishing Report:

28 Foot $550 Full Day Inshore Fishing Charter

Mid November 2018

Getting some good variety. The sardines finally came in and there were a few days with some nice snook. Roosterfish are coming out very big still, none of the small ones around yet, and the weather is getting drier and drier. Great inshore fishing in Quepos Costa Rica!

Late September 2018

Inshore fishing has been almost all roosterfish lately. We are seeing the loads of small ones we get around the sardines though, it's the wait and catch a trophy type! But we are pretty consistently getting at least a few big fish bite every trip, and it has been some great fights. Night bait has been pretty good lately, and the weather has been nice to us during the day and there hasn't been too much wave action. Great inshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

August 2018 Quepos Inshore Report

Johnny, Alex and Tony have been finding some really nice Roosterfish out there. There has been a reef that is fairly close out there that has some dorado and yellowfin, although smaller yellowfin, and the guys have been hitting that sometimes as well to keep the fish count up! Great inshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Drone Video of Our Favorite Inshore Fishing Spots

Isla Large

Piedras Naranjo

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