Quepos Area Information

Quepos Area Information

Non-Fishing Info about Quepos and Manuel Antonio

Quepos / Manuel Antonio Info

The most common questions I am asked is, “Do you fish out of Quepos or Manuel Antonio?” The answer is both. Manuel Antonio is the name of a national park which is made up of 4 beaches and lots of rainforest. It is located next to the town of Quepos. Technically, the dock is considered Quepos, so we fish from Quepos. We are also only around an hour from Los Suenos, so if you are staying in Jaco or Los Suenos, come see me! We can get a private A/C Van from Jaco or Los Suenos for 65 each way (per group, not per person), so staying in los Suenos and fishing here is EASY! Here is some more info on the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area:

Coastline of QueposSituated right on the Pacific, Manuel Antonio is 1850 hectacre national park with many beaches. It is the perfect mix of rainforest and beach, offering everything from incredible ATV, White Water Rafting, and Zipline Tours, to what Saltwater magazine names as the best location in the world to catch a Sailfish, Blue, Black or Striped Marlin, or Dorado! Also available in the area are numerous Snorkeling and Scuba tours, some of the nicest Hotels in Costa Rica, and some of the neatest restraunts with the best views in the world! Expect to see year-round summer weather, three types of monkeys, tons a different birds, and go home with a tan!

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While on Vacation here, you can also enjoy the beauty of many different beaches like Espadilla Sur, Puerto Escondido, Playa del Rey, Playita, Visane and Manuel Antonio. With an average temperature of 80 degrees during the day and 70 at night, this is the perfect beach destination! Hike to the top of Cathedral Point, or along Perezoso Trail to see sloths, Iguanas, Toucans and Scarlet Macaws. This small park is home to more than 900 Monkeys, so watch your lunch!

Costa Rica Titi MonkeyAlso, right off the coast, it is easy to spot Humpback Whales and giant Sea Turtles sometimes even visit the beach.

Located right next the national park is the quaint Costa Rican town of Quepos. Quepos was discovered in 1519 by Spanish Explorer Ponce de Leon while on his infamous search for the fountain of youth. Some of the locals say he found it when he arrived here, he just didn’t know it. The town gets it’s name from the Quepo Indian tribe, a subgroup of the Borucas, who were waiting on the beach Costa Rica Sunset to “welcome” the Spaniard. Luckily for us, the natives here are alot more like – able now! Later on, Quepos became an agricultural town, exporting bananas and then finally, producing African Coconut Oil, as it still does today. Even as late as 1960, there was little communication between Quepos and the rest of the world. There were almost no roads and just a small railroad between Quepos and Parrita. The road finally arrived in the 1960’s and made Quepos a favorite spot among the locals. Around 1980 a large group of Ex-Patroit Americans settled in here and started much of what the town is today. Some of the first businesses here include the restaurant Barba Roja, the hotel La Mariposa, and the beachfront bar named Mar y Sombra.

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