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October 17 2014

Quepos Fishing Bull Dorado

Wow, this has got to be some type of record! Here is a photo of the monster 73 inch dorado from yesterday with mate Alex, it took three people to get it up for the picture, one of the best dorado I've seen so far. Fishing has been off the charts lately, our best day this week the guys released a nice 250 pound black marlin and 11 dorado. Weather has been really nice as well, we have been having overcast mornings (so it's nice and cool), sunny afternoons and then it has only been raining at nights. Great fishing out here in sunny Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing Costa Rica Dorado

September 14 2014

Quepos Fishing Sailflish Quepos Fishing Sailflish

Offshore fishing has been doing great for billfish so far this month! Johnny released a huge Marlin his last trip out, and John and Alex have been releasing multiple sailfish every trip out as well. Ocean has also been really flat out there, and we've only had one daytime rain so far this month, been some great September fishing out here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing Sailflish Quepos Fishing Sailflish

August 13 2014

Quepos Fishing Sailflish

Been some pretty good Quepos fishing offshore lately. Today John W released 3 sails, Mike was out yesterday and released 3 as well, that seems to be the typical catch offshore for the last month. That is when they don't get the big marlin, two days back, John landed a really nice Blue Marlin and got into a pod of Killer Whales! Very neat to see the killer whales out here, they aren't super common, but these whales hung out around the boat for a good half hour and let us get a ton of video as they jumped and cruised with us! It was a great break from all the reeling after the big Blue Marlin! Flat ocean today, been really nice out lately, with some big fish and great summer weather! Great fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Killer Whales Costa Rica Orca

Here's a cool video of Alex freeing a sea turtle!

July 25 2014

Quepos Fishing Blue Marlin

John W had a stellar day out there today, landing this really nice 350 pound Blue Marlin and 4 sailfish! The Blue Marlin put up a great fight, over an hour to get to the leader and it made several 800-1000 yard runs like the one in the picture, making us use the full reverse to keep it from getting away! Great day of fishing out here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing Reels

Just got in some new toys for the fishing boats! This year out fishing, we seriously wore out some reels with several double digit 100+ pound billfish days. So here are some of our new sailfishing rigs. We also ordered a bunch of FinNor powerlite rods, so we are ready for some more Epic fishing battles. Gotta love New Shimano fishing gear, it's how we do fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

July 8 2014

Quepos sailfish Fishing Quepos Grouper Fishing

Top Water fishing has been pretty good. We have been averaging about 2-4 sailfish bites a trip, releasing about half of those. There have also been some good floating debris finds offshore, there were a couple of days this last week we found a floating trees loaded with 15 to 35 pound dorado. One of those days, John W really wore out his customers catching 21 dorado and a sailfish. We have also been passing by a deep water reef on the way out, and that has been some hot grouper and snapper fishing. Weather has been good, ocean has been calm, great fishing weather! July has been some great days with food fish and sportfish, really great fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Grouper Fishing Quepos Grouper Fishing

June 21 2014

Manuel Antonio Quepos Costa Rica Fishing Quepos Swimming with sailfish Fishing

John W really had an awesome trip out today, releasing 2 Marlin (a blue and a black, both over 250 pounds), a sailfish and some dorado! While I'm waiting for pictures of those big boys to come in, here are some of the big dorado and sailfish from early in this week! Been some really good weather out here as well, it's been really predictable so far this rainy season, it's hasn't rained yet before 5PM, so we have had super sunny days out on the water! Great fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Dorado Fishing Quepos sailfish fish Fishing

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Makaira Indica Quepos Costa Rica

Marlin season is upon us! Here in the summer are when the big Marlin come out and we are so looking forward to some awesome billfish action! Starting in late April and lasting through August, Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to snag a big Black Marlin. There should also be some Blue Marlin out as well, and it will be an exciting time! Last summer we also did really well with the sailfish, releasing several each trip and there were quite a few dorado around for food. There is also an offshore reef that heats up sometimes for the huge snapper, so that will start being an option soon as well. Inshore fishing during the summer will be great as well, the bait is generally good, and good bait means big roosterfish! May-August is going to be awesome!!!

Quepos & Manuel Antonio Hotels

Let us help you find the best deal on a nice hotel here on the water. We have something for everyone, include budget but clean hotels, all the the way to the Mariposa sitting up on the cliff overlooking the ocean. We can do luxury cliff top house rentals as well, just let us know! For more pictures go to our Hotel page!

View from La Mariposa Hotel of the Park:

Mariposa Hotel Queops Costa Rica


Quepos Fish Types

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See Costa Rica

Sailfish Quepos Costa Rica Dreaming of a tropical paradise, but worried about the details? We have years of experience in setting up these trips and would love to help you! Everything from your hotel room, to transport, to even restaurant recommendations, we can help you hit all the high points in Quepos and not waste anytime. We can handle all the hotel reservations as well, to make sure all the surprises you have on your trip are good ones :) Costa Rica is the most stable and safe country in Latin America as well. We love questions, just ask us anything and we'll be glad to guide you to all the highlights that this beautiful country has to offer! One of the most diverse places on Earth, Costa Rica has much more than just the awesome beaches which are 5 minutes from the docks. If you have the time, it's worth a trip to the Volcano Arenal, a very active Volcano with a slew of Hot Water Parks at the base. And for the hiking and adreniline type, check out MonteVerde. High up in the mountains, it's a cool climate. They have built crazy trails with suspension bridges and long ziplines to check out. Also, MonteVerde Boasts some of the best ATV and Horseback trails in the world!I absolutely love questions, and even if you are just kicking tires or writing a paper for school, ask me anything at all about Costa Rica and I'll point you in the right direction! I have visited just about everywhere in the country at this point, and I'd love to share my experiences. Be careful though, after only one good trip here, I packed up the family and made the move. Who knows, maybe once you get here, you just won't want to leave:)


More Info:

The best value and personal experience for first class offshore and inshore sport fishing in Costa Rica and Pacific Central America. We are based in the Manuel Anotnio and Quepos area of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. We are only a short 45 minute drive South of Los Suenos, Herradura and Jaco. We are only 30 minutes north of Dominical and Uvita, and it is only 20 minutes or 2 hours by car from San jose. Our focus is sportifshing for Sailfish, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Striped Marlin. Other sportfish species that we go after are Dorado, (aka dolphin, Mahi Mahi) yellowfin tuna, amberjack, snapper, and rooster fish.



Costa Rica Fishing

Costa Rica is one of the premier places in the world not only to fish but to vacation. Boasting Several different climate types from cloud forests, volcanoes, and many tropical beaches, there is something for everyone here. On the Pacific side, there are an abundance of Marlin and Sailfish. On the Atlantic side there are tons of Tarpon. We are located and focus on the Marlin Sportfishing on the Pacific side of the country.

Quepos Fishing

Quepos is one of the premier fishing spots in Costa Rica. Located in the dead center of the Pacific coast, it gives us access to fish various fishing grounds, including the same fishing grounds fished by Los Suenos and Dominical. Also protected by two large peninsulas, The water in front of Quepos is also the calmest water in Costa Rica, with wave heights rarely measuring over 3 feet. Great for first time fisherman, or fisherman who don't like to go home with bruises:)

Quepos Sportfishing / Charter Boats

Quepos has a pretty nice charter fleet. There are about 35 charter boats that are fishing in Quepos, about half of those are well maintained with good captains. If you are looking for a smaller or bigger boat, I am friends with almost everybody here and I can give you my discounted "agency" price on any charter boat fishing in Quepos. That price is usually similar to the price I offer the public on personal charter boat (for a simliar sized boat).

Manuel Antonio Hotels

Quepos is the town that is located next to Manuel Antonio park and beaches, which are the most sought after beaches in Cosat Rica. Low currents, clear water, great fishing, and cliff dwelling-ocean view hotels make this an unforgettable place to stay. Hotel prices are on par or lower than most average American hotels, but with a much nicer views!

Costa Rica Sportfishing

Costa Rica doesn't have fishing seasons and limits like the US, but that doesn't mean we can kill everything we hook. We release all billfish unless they come in dead (1 per year), that includes releasing both sailfish and Marlin.We are allowed to keep other gamefish though, and finding either a Mahi, Yellow Fin Tuna, Amberjack or Snapper for dinner is almost always a possibility.

About Quepos Fishing Adventures

Unlike most websites in Google, we are not a booking agency. John S owns all three of our boats, so you are communicating directly with the owner of the company, not someone upselling a friends boat to make a quick buck. Even if you don't book here, always book directly with the boat owner to get the best prices.