Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

Quepos Offshore Fishing Report

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November 22 2016

Quepos Fishing Sailfish Quepos Fishing Bull Dorado

Great day of fishing out there for John W! He ended up releasing 4 nice sailfish and a Blue Marlin and really topping the rest of the Quepos Fishing Fleet! Earlier this month we also saw some really nice Dorado out there, the one above was a monster bull! And then there have still been some nice schools of Yellow Fin Tuna out there, but not every day like we had the last couple of months. Great Fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Fishing pair of Dorado Quepos Fishing Yellow Fin Tuna

Here's a cool video one of our customers just sent in as well!

October 2016

Quepos Sailfish Fishing Quepos Marlin Fishing

Great october offshore, the best October we have ever had. John W started the month of right with a big Marlin day coming across a floating tree out there loaded with bait! Not backing down too hard so the customers could fight the fish, John ended up releasing a nice 250 pound Black Marlin and 3 more Blue Marlin the same size! Captain Junior also had a big day a few days later, when the customers asked for Yellow Fin Tuna, he filled the Cooler with over 20 fish, in the 40 to 100 pound range! We also saw several days with ice sailfish bites, releasing 7 sails on a few days, and then John W also spent alot of time out by the Furuno Banks, and a few times got into some nice Amberjack and Snapper. To top it all off, we didn't have very many days at all with daytime rain, a few light showers, but nothing crazy and we didn't have to cancel any trips for weather! Great fishing offshore here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Bottom Fishing pacific sailfish Quepos Costa Rica

September 18 2016

Quepos Sailfish Offshore Quepos fishing Marlin

John W. really had an awesome day fishing offshore in Quepos today! They landed two nice Blue Marlin in the morning before getting into a nice school of Yellow Fin Tuna. After catching 3 nice sized tuna, and insuring everybody on board was beat, they left the school and finished up with a nice sailfish release! Great day of the fishing on here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Charter Fishing Big Marlin Costa Rica Quepos 2016

September 5 2016

Great fishing day out here today in QUepos with some Sailfish, Mahi and Yellow Fin Tuna around! Today was the first day in a while we didn't release a Marlin as well. Offshore fishing has been great, there has been a school of Yellow Fin Tuna making laps right in front of Quepos. Lots of spinner dolphin, birds, and Tuna jumping out of the school, it's really neat to see! Around the schools, we have been seeing lots of billfish and Mahi. Ocean has been really nice lately as well, and most of the rain has been coming at night giving us nice sunny days. Great offshore fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Late August 2016

Giant Costa Rica Dorado Mahi Fish Giant Costa Rica Yellow Fin Tuna Fish

Awesome Dorado we got today with John W! Been lots of Big Dorado around (both Dorado pictures are of different large fish) and we've also been seeing lots of Yellow Fin Tuna including this nice one Junior released above! Both 30 footer have also released several marlin this last week, and there were sailfish on most of the trips out there as well. Junior had a really busy billfish day a few days back releasing 4 sails and a Marlin. Some of the best fishing so far this year here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Giant Costa Rica Dorado Quepos Fish Giant Costa Rica Dorado Mahi Fish

August 9 2016

Quepos Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing Quepos Costa Rica Sailfish

Great offshore fishing out there today! Junior released 6 sailfish out there, and most trips this week we have been seeing nice schools of Yellow Fin Tuna as well. Alex on our 28 foot Mucho Fisho 2 also had a nice Dorado today. There is also a rock the captains are hitting on the way back in to fill up the cooler with snapper and grouper. Great fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica!

Quepos Costa Rica Sailfish Quepos Dorado Fishing


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