Shared Trips

Shared Trips

Party Boat /Split / Shared / Fishing Charters Quepos, Costa Rica

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Shared Charters:

< Offshore charter needed Stress Reeliever 2 Monday November 15, 2021 $425 per group

Split Info

Prices are for your group of one or two and not per person.

I need more splits! If you have a day you want to put up here let me know, I have been finding all the second halves very easily but need more starters! We need some more leaders!

We are doing great finding all but one of our split trips this year! Email if you want to fish but don’t need the whole boat!

Please let us know when you will be here and if you want the whole boat or to share the boat with another group. Please gives us as much advance time as possible and the more lenient you are the more likely we can find you a fishing partner. We can almost always get the trip together, and we even work out other arrangements for you if we can’t find someone to split the trip with.


When I am fishing, I check this everyday at 5:45am, 4:30pm, and 9pm (central no daylight savings).

When I’m not fishing I check this every 5 minutes!

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